Pearls passion

Our passion for Pearls started in 1955, and has always been a "family success story".


We always tried to propose a large panel of pearls to our clients and also novelties...Actually we were the first to work with Biwa, pearls coming from a lake in Japan, Tahiti's pearls in 80ies, gold pearls form Philippines beginning of 2000, ...

As Olivier Pauquet is graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), he can also work with real pearls (natural) coming from all over the world. These pearls really rare can be coinsidered as gift of the nature. You might know that a real pearl is collected by chance in a seashell...



Olivier Pauquet was asking by the Biologiacal University of Liege (oldest one in the world) to organize an exhibition called "Pearls of Nature"

In a cattle farm, a high quality cultured pearl is obtained by scrupulously observing and applying the natural steps of evolution of the shellfish. Fine or cultured, many years are required to obtain a pearl that could become a jewel.

We offer a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks or ornate pearl jewelry coming from all over the word: Japan, Tahiti, Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, China ... But also Caribbean and other beautiful places.

In your selection process you should keep in mind that the pearl is natural and that human does not control the elements. Different criteria will determine rarity and price of the pearl:

  •     Color : a combination of main color and shades
  •     Form : round, pear, oval, button, baroque
  •     Size : in milimeters
  •     Orient : level of luminosity of the pearl
  •     Luster : level of light reflection of the peal
  •     Purity : définie par l'absence ou le nombre de « défauts »
  •     Texture : tickness of mother-of-pearl


Feel free to visit us and Olivier Pauquet will be glad to tell you about the pearls beauty, before finding your pearl...