Le créateur O. Pauquet

Olivier Pauquet, Jeweller Creator


The craftsperson, an artist through and through, creative in his approach,  is also an outstanding technician, a sharp expert, an experienced scientist. 

At once chemist , alchemist, mathematician, physicist ... he creates, manipulates , transforms , distorts , reform , change , transfigure matter. 

His artwork, as creative as it is, can not exist without high technical skills and scientifical rigor . 

Craft creation is the combination of methods, procedures, calculations, combinations, associations, patiently learned and longly experienced. 

Taming metal fusion, respecting and bringing out gems potential ... several steps that represents the permanent duel between the atist and the matter he is working on, constantly seeking to overcome its constraints. 

Halfway between the magician, the scientist and the artist, the craftsman is a talented technician, making beautiful dreams come true.